Smart noise cancelling.
Rayz adapts its noise cancelling to your ear and the world around you, so you can focus on the things you want.
HearThru™ mode
Lets in just enough ambient sound through your noise cancelling, for greater awareness of your environment.
Take off your earphones, and your music automatically pauses. Put them back on, and music resumes.
Personalized app
Customize your earphone and smart button settings. Software updates add new features.
Launch Siri
A patented combination of microphones and voice recognition technology allows Siri to better recognize your voice.
Crystal Clear Calls
Rayz microphone technology ensures your calls come through loud and clear.

Make them yours.

Feature Overview

Rayz Plus

  • Premium Metallic Finish
  • Charging Port
Spec sheet


  • Premium Finish
Spec sheet
  • Coming Soon